Top Consumer Imports Frequently Asked Questions

Consumer imported products are final goods, directly bought for consumption by consumers. Excluded are intermediate goods such as iron or rubber which are used to create products bought by the actual end-users.

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What products are the world’s top consumer imports?

The most valuable consumer product imported by buyers in all countries was cars.

In second place were imports of processed petroleum oils trailed by phones, computers and petroleum gases.

What are America’s top consumer imports?

The United States’ leading consumer import attracting the greatest spending was cars.

Rounding out America’s top 5 most valuable consumer imports are phones, computers, medications then processed petroleum oils.

What are Canada’s top consumer imports?

The 5 top Canadian consumer imports were cars, processed petroleum oils, trucks, automotive parts or accessories, then phones.

What countries spend the most on imported cosmetics?

By far, China was the biggest spender on imported beauty and skincare products.

In second place were buyers in the United States of America ahead of Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany.

What are the UK’s most in-demand consumer imports?

The United Kingdom spent the most on imports of petroleum gas, cars, gold, processed petroleum oils and medications.

What are Australia’s best consumer imports?

Processed petroleum oils attracted the greatest amounts of spending on imported consumer products.

Cars were Australia’s second-most valuable consumer import trailed by imported trucks, phones and computers.

What are Bangladesh’s most lucrative consumer imports?

The greatest consumer imports spending by Bangladeshi buyers was for processed petroleum oils.

Other major imported consumer products for highly populated Bangladesh were phones, petroleum gas, palm oil and soya beans.

What are New Zealand’s leading consumer imports?

The premier consumer product imported into New Zealand was processed petroleum oils.

Also among New Zealand’s top 5 consumer imports were cars, trucks, phones and computers.

What are China’s most in-demand imported consumer products?

The world’s second-most populated country after India, the People’s Republic of China spent the most on imported cars.

Close behind in second place were Chinese imports of phones ahead of soya beans, computers and automotive parts or accessories.

What countries spend the most on imported computer laptops?

The 5 leading spenders on imported laptop computers were the United States of America, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

What are India’s top imported consumer products?

Gold was India’s supreme imported consumer product, outpacing imports of diamonds.

Trailing gold and diamonds were Indian spending on imported coal, petroleum gas and phones.

What countries spend the most on imported potato chips?

Importers located in the United States of the America spent the most on imported potato chips via international markets.

Placing second were importers in France ahead of Germany, Canada and the Netherlands.

What are Turkey’s most popular consumer imports?

The leading consumer imports delivered to Turkish buyers were gold, cars, processed petroleum oils, automotive parts or accessories, then phones.

What are Brazil’s most valuable consumer imports?

Attracting the biggest spending for Brazilian consumer imports were processed petroleum oils.

Attracting lesser purchase amounts were Brazil’s imports of automotive parts or accessories, phones, packaged insecticides and herbicides, then medications.

What are Spain’s best consumer imports?

Buyers in Spain spent the highest dollar totals on imported automotive parts or accessories, then cars.

Spain’s top consumer imports also include medications, phones and processed petroleum oils.

What countries spend the most on imported hair care products?

The leading importer of hair care products was the United States of America.

Placing far behind in second place were buyers in China ahead of those in Germany, United Kingdom and Canada.

What countries paid the highest or lowest prices for imported coal?

Importers in Brunei Darussalam, Nigeria and Belize paid the highest prices per ton of imported coal.

Being charged much, much lower tonnage rates were coal importers in Russia, Niger, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and North Korea.

What are the best international markets for imported perfumes?

The United States of America represents the premier buyer of imported perfumes.

Lagging the leader were perfume importers in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and China.

What countries spend the most on imported coffee?

The United States of America was the world’s biggest importer of coffee.

Three European countries (Germany, France and Italy) lagged American coffee imports, albeit all four of the mentioned import countries placed ahead of fifth-place Canada.

What are the best global markets for selling jewelry?

International jewelry sellers should seriously consider Hong Kong for their product sales, given that Hong Kong is the world’s number one market for importing jewelry.

Also ranking among the 5 leading buyers of imported jewelry were Switzerland, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and China.

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